A day is made of 24 hours and this is #YOURTIME. Every single hour counts and needs to be lived fully. Enjoy #YOURTIME! 


#YOURTIME 24-hour watch

24-hour watches are not for everybody.

Whether driven by specific needs (learn more) or by the appeal for a more intuitive dial, some people fall in love with this type of watches. The point is that 24-hours watches are unique and can set you apart from the crowd to ultimately take full advantage of every single day (learn more).

#YOURTIME 24-hour watch is based on a Swiss Made Quartz movement because of the quality and for its reliability and accuracy. 

Handsomely crafted #YOURTIME iconic shape has been designed to suit sport, casual and business situations. The 38mm case has a sophisticated and elegant silhouette yet it is boldly shaped to resist extreme activities. The dial is made of two layers brushed in different contrasting directions to underline the difference between day and night hours as emphasized also by the sleek silver sun and moon icons applied at noon and midnight positions respectively. The bracelet and the case have a Diamond Like Carbon (DLC) coating to ensure a resistant black matte finish. The timepiece showcases Sapphire crystal and is 10atm (100m) water-resistant.

Impeccable Italian Design winner of the A'Design Award 2016 (learn more)!

HOW 24 hour watches WORK

A 24 hour watches work exactly like any traditional (12 hour) watch except for the fact that the hand that indicates the hours completes a full rotation in 24 hours instead of 12 hours.  

In Todd & Marlon Collection #YOURTIME the dial is split into two parts of 12 hours each to follow the natural day/night division (so called double-XII system) with midday indicated at the top via an applied sun icon and midnight at the bottom as indicated by an applied moon icon. Hence, on the left hand side there are the morning hours (1-12) and on the right hand side the afternoon hours (1-12) - both clearly indicated by the main numbering system.  

Minute and seconds read in the same way as in the more common watches. In #YOURTIME watches both minutes and seconds are indicated by the hands pointing to a secondary numbering system - red marks and numbers on outer ring (learn more).

In the video you might appreciate the different speed of rotation of the hands indicating the hours between a traditional 12 hour watch and the more peculiar 24 hour watch (in this last being half the speed of the former). Conversely the hand indicating the minutes has the same speed in the two models.

THE 24 hour watch COLLECTION


The collection is available in four color combinations: all black, black and deep blue, black and fiery red, black and rose pink. Each of them has its own name and specific character! You can either choose one of them or get the four to use in different occasions in your life.

COSMO is the all black variant – it is classic and mysterious and it is meant for the achiever, the unstoppable! LAVA, the black and red combination, is fiery and intense for the sport lover and the most passionate. ABISSO uniquely combine black and blue and is meant for the deep person and water addict. ROSE leverages a contrasting black and rose color and is the most delicate yet bold – it is meant for the most sensitive and sophisticated person. 


#YOURTIME 24 hour watch



watch usage instructions

Position 1 - Position of rest (watch running)

Position 2 – Quick adjustment of the 24-hour hand

– Unscrew the crown and pull it out to position 2 (watch still running).

– Turn the crown anticlockwise until the desired hour hand position appears – note that the minute hand does not move

– Push the crown back into position 1 and screw it back in.

Position 3 - Setting the minutes (and hour)

– Unscrew the crown and pull it out to position 3 (watch stopped).

– Turn the crown until the correct time is displayed – note that both minute and hour hand move

– Push the crown back into position 1 and screw it back in.

If the hour hand does not corresponds to the exact position in function of the minutes then adjust it via using position 2 (which decouple hours and minutes)