Watches-N-Time Book

Todd & Marlon CEO, Vincenzo Carrara, published a book titled Watches-N-Time. The book has been already viewed by more than 25'000 people and the 270 pages are a great introduction to the world of watches, horology industry and time management.

The book is divided into two parts. The first section of the book is a journey through all the different elements of a watch. From the watch case, to the movement, to the bracelet, every single piece of the watch is the subject of a chapter in which it is analyzed and explained in simple words. On the other hand, the second section of the book is perfect for everyone passionate about time and time management. In there, you can find all the tips and techniques for the perfect time manager.

The book is intended for both the people that want to better understand the world of horology as well as the ones passionate about time management - often this is the same person! Here below you can find the table of content as reference and if interested you can find the book in hard copy or e-book format on Amazon (get it here for $19.50) and other e-libraries or you could get it as pdf version through our e-commerce site (for $10.00).  


Book - Table of content