What kind of movement does the watch have?

The movement of #YOURTIME 12-hour collection and Dean Martin Exclusive Edition is a mechanical Swiss Made with automatic winding system. This specific caliber is made of hundreds of parts and includes 26 jewels and has a power reserve estimate to 38 hours. A pure concentrate of Swiss Precision!

The movement of #YOURTIME 24-hour Quartz collection is a battery driven Quartz Swiss made with 45 months battery life. We have selected a Swiss Made movement because of the quality and Quartz for its reliability and accuracy. This specific caliber is made of hundreds of parts and it has been customized to fit the specific 24H dial of # YOURTIME watch. 


Which kind of glass do you use?

#YOURTIME watches and the Dean Martin Exclusive Edition are provided of Sapphire Cristal. Only true luxury brands use sapphire glass and this is what you will find on #YOURTIME watches. Watch glasses have to resist scratching and rupture. There are three types of glasses used for watches: plexi/acrylic glass, mineral glass and sapphire crystal. This last is the most resistant to scratches and also to rupture. Sapphire is the third hardest mineral (9 on Mohs scale) after diamond (10) and moissanite (9.25) and is also highly transparent (wavelengths between 150nm – UV – and 5500nm – IR –)


What are the dimensions of the watch?

#YOURTIME watches and the Dean Martin Exclusive Edition have a case of 38mm diameter and it is about 10 mm thick (without glass) – the bracelet is 144 mm long and the case 46mm for a total circumference of 190mm. We have also added two extra links in the box to give the opportunity to reach a total length of 210mm. Lug to lug is 46mm.


I have a big wrist. How do I know the watch fits me?

The easiest way to figure that out would be to measure your wrist circumference. The metal bracelet of #YOURTIME watches can fit wrists up to 210mm with the two extra links included in the box. If your wrist is smaller you can easily remove some links at the nearest watch store.


Can I wear the watch for swimming?

#YOURTIME watches and the Dean Martin Exclusive Edition are 100 meter (10atm) water resistant. So you can perfectly wear it for swimming, snorkeling and showering. However, please note that the Dean Martin Exclusive Edition is provided with a genuine Italian leather strap which might suffer contact with water.


Do the hands and numbers glow in the dark?

The hands have a SuperLuminova pigment which can make them glow in the dark but the numbers don't.


Does the black color come off?

#YOURTIME watches are DLC (diamond like carbon) coated. Diamond-like carbon (DLC) is a class of carbon material usually applied as coatings to reduce abrasive wear. DLC is also used in the engines of modern supersport motorcycles, Formula 1 racecars, NASCAR vehicles. We are using DLC to make #YOURTIME watch super resistant to abrasive wear so that the black color can stand the time test. this is the best and most durable treatment used only by some luxury watch manufacturers. For reference this treatment is superior to the most commonly used PVD (Physical Vapor Deposition) treatment also used by some well know luxury brands.


Can I wear a Todd & Marlon watch if I am allergic to Nickel?

The materials used by Todd & Marlon are subjected to tests in order to avoid this problem. The bracelet of #YOURTIME watches is made of Stainless Steel 316L with a DLC (diamond like carbon) coating which should reduce the risk of allergies. The case is also made of stainless steel with a DLC treatment.


Why did you place the sun icon/noon time on top?

When we designed the watch it was important to us to create the most natural way of showing the time. We feel with the current dial we achieved that as the hand follows the movement of the sun. The movement of the hour hand on the dial corresponds to the course taken by the sun: in the morning, the hand rises above the horizon, at midday it reaches its zenith and in the evening it goes below the dial horizon.


Do you offer an automatic version?

#YOURTIME collection is currently made of two versions: a 24-hour watch with Quartz movement and a more traditional 12-hour watch with an Automatic movement. The Dean Martin Exclusive Edition is provided with an Automatic movement


Do you offer other alternative material to the metal bracelet?

#YOURTIME watch collections are currently offered only with metal bracelet while the Dean Martin Exclusive Edition has a genuine Italian leather strap. You can, however, buy bracelets/straps from other vendors and replace them in Todd & Marlon watches. 


How long does the warranty last?

The watches come with a worldwide 2 year warranty that covers the movement, hand and dial. In case there are any issue with the watch just send us an email and we will handle it for you. Please refer to the WARRANTY POLICY under the LEGAL section of this website.


How do I change the battery?

To change the battery please take the watch to a specialist. We are using a standard battery so every watch store can change it within a few minutes. Please don't open the case back by yourself as water might leak into the case and damage the watch. Also note that the automatic watches do NOT have batteries.




Where can I buy Todd & Marlon watches?

Todd & Marlon watches are available for sale on this website and through some other internet based shops.


Do you sell in offline shops?

We are focusing on selling online but we don’t exclude the possibility of getting into traditional shops soon.


When does my watch arrive?

We generally ship in 3-5 business days and we send a tracking number for you to follow the shipment. In case you did not receive the information or need help to handle the delivery please send an email to


To which countries do you ship?

In general we ship worldwide. If you don't find your country in the list please send an email to and we will handle the order manually for you.


Can I return the watch in case I don't like it?

Please refer to the RETURN POLICY under the LEGAL navigation menu’ in this website


Can you send me a catalogue?

As an only-online brand you can find all our products and information in our webshop at


Do I have to pay duty when I order a watch from the US?

The price displayed in our web shop is the all-inclusive price. You don't have to pay anything on top. The watches are stored in our US warehouse and we already paid the duty and the shipping is free as well. HOWEVER, if you are ordering from outside the US, the local customs might apply import taxes/duties based on the specific regulations of your country. Import duty and fees are at your charge.


Do I have to pay duty when I order a watch from outside the US?

The price displayed in our web shop is the all-inclusive price for shipments in US. If you are ordering from outside the US, the local customs might apply import taxes/duties based on the specific regulations of your country. Import duty and fees are at your charge while we cover for shipment costs.


Can I order without credit card?

We offer several payment options in our e-store including PayPal. We are sorry if none of them works for you. In that case we can try to handle your order manually. Please write an email to