The first Todd & Marlon collection named #YOURTIME will be available in four colors combinations: all black, black and deep blue, black and fiery red, black and rose pink. Each of them has his own name and specific character! You can either choose one of them or get the four to use in different occasions in your life.

COSMO is the all black variant – it is classic and mysterious and it is meant for the achiever, the unstoppable! LAVA, the black and red combination, is fiery and intense for the sport lover and the most passionate. ABISSO uniquely combine black and blue and is meant for the deep person and water addict. ROSE leverages a contrasting black and rose color and is the most delicate yet bold – it is  meant for the most sensitive and sophisticated person.

No matter who you are or who you want to be … the important is to always be true to yourself. You choose #YOURTIME don’t inherit!


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