This is to announce another great friendship. Anyone familiar with Tyler Hollinger?

Tyler Hollinger is a filmmaker, actor, comedy writer, and producer. His 2014 film “Trust me, I’m a Lifeguard” premiered at the Tribeca Film Festival and was subsequently purchased by United Airlines, Tribeca Enterprises, Shorts HD, and Cine+.

He recently wrapped production on two upcoming projects MAN-BABIES a Comedy/Mystery, and HOME STREET HOME a documentary.

He has appeared in numerous film, tv, and theatrical shows. Including “Old Fashioned” which became the highest grossing faith based films under 500 screens.

Other credits include NBC’s Taxi Brooklyn, ABC’s “What Would You do”, and many many more. He has won numerous awards and honors.

He is also the CEO and Creative Director of HighLife Productions a creative event production and experiential marketing agency in NYC. He owns the festivals SecretSummer and AQUARIUS.


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Tyler favorite Todd & Marlon watch is #YOURTIME 24-hours Abisso - blue on black. Soon we will share some more images of Tyler and Todd & Marlon across all our social medias.

Stay tuned for more!


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