This is to announce a new friendship!


Did you watch Penance (2017), Growing nowhere (2017), Perspective a life experience (2016), Apartmates (2015), Blue Match Comedy (2015), One Day (2011)? those and many more have one thing in common ... Jonathan Sterritt!


Jonathan Sterritt 24hour watches

Jonathan Steritt is an actor, filmmaker and on-camera host who comes to Los Angeles by way of Texas. Through his company Blue Match Productions, he directed, starred in and produced Periscope: A Live Experience, the first multi-camera live action short film to be broadcast in association with the social media platform. In Periscope, he played an ambitious talk show host overwhelmed by his guests' relationship dramas. He's also appeared on General Hospital and played a douchey ex-boyfriend in the digital short A Gentlemen's Interview, a manipulative boy next door in the feature The Last Trip, and a stressed-out journalist in the web series One Day.

Jonathan is known for his friendly and motivational hosting style. He hosted the popular pet food safety show Ruff Cuts and can currently be seen chatting with humans on the live talk show BidChat Now!, which he created for the live streaming website He has also represented international brands in national commercials, industrial films and live events in the US and worldwide, including a recent hosting project for Hyundai in South Korea.

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Jonathan is a graduate of the University of North Texas and has crafted his acting technique with Howard Fine and John Rosenfeld. As a host, he's been trained and mentored by Suzanne Sena, with whom he teaches. When he's not working, Jonathan enjoys escape rooms and engaging with his fans on Instagram. And if you enjoy watching game shows as much as he does, you might recognize him from his (unsuccessful) attempts to get rich quick on The Price Is Right, Let's Make a Deal and Idiottest, where it was determined that Jonathan is, in fact, not an idiot.

Jonathan lives in Hollywood with his Toy Pomeranian, Brutus, who may very well become famous before he does.

Jonathan favorite Todd & Marlon watch is #YOURTIME 24-hours Abisso - blue on black. Soon we will share some more images of Tyler and Todd & Marlon across all our social medias.
Stay tuned for more!


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