Jeremiah Dillon (Head of Product Marketing, Google Apps for Work) recently wrote an email to his team that posed a very simple yet thoughts provoking challenge in time management. This is the letter:


Subject: If you don’t have time to read this…read it twice.

Stop. Breathe. Now, think about how you’re managing your time. Speaking for myself, I have some room for improvement.

It’s been said there are two paradigms to scheduling — the manager and the maker.

The manager’s day is cut into 30 minute intervals, and they change what they’re doing every half hour. Sort like Tetris shifting blocks around and filling spaces.

The maker’s day is different. They need to make, to create, to build. But, before that, they need to think. The most effective way for them to use time is in half-day or full-day blocks. Even a single 30 minute meeting in the middle of “Make Time” can be disruptive.

We all need to be makers.


Someone made also a video about that with some more explanation and instructions.

In a nutshell, the message is that managers “jump” from one thing to another and are caught in a kind of tetris game from which they cannot escape and ultimately they don’t have enough quality time to think. On the other hand the makers are able to focus (#1 success factor for W.Buffett and B.Gates) and think thoroughly through via eliminating any sort of disruption. This ultimately leads to better time management and higher effectiveness.

Having the full day at a glance with a 24 hour watch can dramatically help planning and visualizing the blocks in the day that will make you a maker!


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