Gabriella Piazza 24-hour watch


This is to announce another great friendship. Anyone familiar with Gabriella Piazza?

Gabriella Piazza is an actress born and raised in New York.  She has executive produced and starred in her own films as well as others.

Her first film “To Whom It May Concern” (2016) debuted at over 10 national film festivals and was awarded best picture!  Gabriella was the executive producer and lead actress in that picture.

She has since been involved in films that have premiered at film festivals all over the country and will make her television debut this season!

She has studied at the New York Film Academy,  on-camera intensive at the Mel Mack Actingstudio and is currently enrolled with on-camera and scene study with Andrew Stewart Jones.

She hails from a large and loud Italian & Dominican family, speaks conversational Spanish, loves dogs, kit kats and making people LAUGH. :) 


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Gabriella favorite Todd & Marlon watch is #YOURTIME 24-hours Cosmo - black on black. Soon we will share some more images of Gabriella and Todd & Marlon across all our social medias.

Stay tuned for more!


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