Why everybody loves Dean Martin 

There are only few people that have been able to transcend appeal across generations and across geographies. Dean Martin is one of the few. Everybody loves the incredible multi-talented performer, able to act, sing, entertain and much more. But this justifies only in part is incredible success. He was the King of Cool, as defined by the King of Rock Elvis Presley, and this is what set him apart from the others.

Dean Martin was not born artist. His journey was quite long before discovering his true talent and passion. He did many jobs, worked in a steel mill and as welterweight boxer, till he started singing in New York. Then he moved into acting together Jerry Lewis, but he did not abandon singing and in parallel with the help of Frank Sinatra formed the Rat Pack. This is the time when Dean started shaping and strengthening his unique image and style to then completely let it flourish with The Dean Martin Show. 

Dean Martin life was not just about work, but it was full of fulfilling personal relationships and other passions. He did marry three times and had eight children across all the marriages (Sasha being adopted from wife Hawn). He nurtured great long-lasting friendships with Frank Sinatra, Sammy Davis Jr and many others. And he had many passions such as playing golf with friends. 

Finally, he was the King of Cool, but what does it mean? It means he had an effortless charisma. His self-assurance, smooth charm, naturally controlled style and warm voice combined together made him the true King of Cool. He was a magnet in any situation and environment for both women and men. Appreciated across geographies and cultures, his music, shows and movies became successful everywhere. He was an inspiration and aspiration for many (and still is for some). 


Dean Martin Daring Elegant style

Everybody discovers, shapes and enhances his own style only over time. This was the case also for Dean Martin. Probably it was in his inherited Italian genes or maybe thanks also to the influence of people such as Frank Sinatra and Sammy Davis Jr., Dean developed an incredible, unique and very elegant style. 

In a tuxedo, I’m a star. In regular clothes, I’m a nobody.
— Dean Martin

During his busiest professional period, Dean probably defined his signatures. Starting from the red pocket square and the black velvet loafers (some with the gold crown) he was always wearing very stylish suits or the tuxedo for his performances.

The red pocket square was probably his most recognized signature piece. It was a clear statement on a black and classic tuxedo, a statement not for everybody. Similarly, the velvet loafer with the gold crown were another signature element though more subtle than the square pocket. 

In general, he dared wearing unique pieces (e.g. red square pocket) or combinations of contrasting elements while still remaining very elegant and classy for every occasions, even for golf games or cookouts.

Dean Martin was always Daring Elegant.


Dean Martin Style on a Watch

Dean Martin Watch

This is the reason why we do love Dean Martin, and this is the reason why we wanted to celebrate him and his style with an exclusive watch edition.

We did try to encapsulate many of his key passions in the watch design. Some of them are relatively clear, such as the red to hint on the hands contrasting the black dial to allude to the red square pocket and the tuxedo or the black leather strap reminiscent of the interior of his custom 1962 Ghia L6.4 or even the contrasting shiny and brushed metal surfaces in the case as reference to a classic microphone.

There are more design references as well as a surprise at the back of the watch, but we would let you discover the Dean Martin Exclusive Edition watch.

Dare being different yet elegant!


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