Nowadays several watch manufacturers commercialize 24 hour watches. You might be familiar with some of the key players in the 24 hour watch category such as Slow Watches, Raketa and Glycine and the benefits related the 24 hour clocks. Each one of them has its own specific design and peculiarities but they are all based on a dial with a 0-23 or 1-24 numbering system to indicate the hours in a day.

Long time ago there used to be another numbering system. It was named Double-XII and, as the name says, it was based on a double 1-12 marking dial. This system reflected the clear differentiation between the two halves of the day and it is an heritage of the original clocks. In fact, the passage of time was originally measured via sun dials during the day and through water clocks or clepsydra during the night. Two systems for two different parts of the day which led to the double-XII method. Originally implemented on the more modern watches in Norther Europe it was then abandoned for the now more traditional 12 hour system.

Remarkably the Double-XII system reflects also the way we generally talk about time. We refer to am vs pm hours and always use 1-12 number to talk about day and afternoon time respectively. Only in rare situations (e.g. army) we continue using the "pure" 24 hour system. 

Todd & Marlon Double-XII System

Historically only few wrist watch manufacturers leveraged the Double-XII system and by now there are no readily commercially available watches based on this numbering method. This is one of the reasons why we, at Todd & Marlon, investigated and then implemented the Double-XII.

Todd & Marlon Double-XII 24 hour watch

We believe that this system is more in sync with our way to perceive and talk about time hence more intuitive to use. Currently we are the only manufacturer having implemented it. Hence if you are one of the rare 24 hour watch users (they are not for everybody!) then you might want to be part of our club and get the only Double-XII watch currently available in commerce.

Also, talking about unique watches, did we mention that our 24 hour model was awarded the 2016 A'Design Award and that we only make black watches, the most searched and daring color for watches? Several artists, singers and actors are falling in love with this very peculiar design and its daring elegance - some of Todd & Marlon friends are public, others cannot for obvious reasons. The point is that our watches are not for everybody but only for the people who dare be uniquely elegant!   


Daring elegant watches are not for everybody!



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