Diamond-like carbon (DLC) is a class of amorphous carbon material that displays some of the typical properties of diamond. DLC is usually applied as coatings to reduce abrasive wear in the engines of modern supersport motorcycles, Formula 1 racecars, NASCAR vehicles and in general only in high value items considering the inherent cost and difficulty in finding companies able to deliver good quality DLC.

DLC is used in #YOURTIME watches in order to make them super resistant to abrasive wear so that the black color can stand the test of time. In the video you might see the “cutter test” executed on the case of #YOURTIME watch. Despite the harsh cutter test, the black color stays on and the timepiece does not show any sign of scratches. This does not mean that DLC is immune to scratches but only that it resists to most of them and better than other treatments. In fact not all luxury brands use DLC – most of the luxury timepieces are actually treated with PVD (Physical Vapor Deposition) which is good but not as resistant as DLC – Todd & Marlon are bringing you the best of the best of luxury!


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