“Entrepreneur is not a title but a mindset. It requires a good dose of madness for an incredibly rewarding life” said Vincenzo Carrara, co-founder and CEO of Todd & Marlon LLC. “Entrepreneurs are amazing people and the most successful ones are master of time management. With #YOURTIME watches we wanted to celebrate their work and achievements. #YOURTIME is also a call to action for all the ‘want to be’ entrepreneurs. We want them to make the first step in the long and often difficult journey that brings to success and we want to accompany them with #YOURTIME watches and much more…”

The Entrepreneurial Spirit is what inspired the first collection of Todd & Marlon watches. The attitude of actively seeking for change, rather than waiting to adapt to change led to the ideation of the dial design and the 24 hour movement. We believe that one can drive change only if he/she can see and understand the full picture. Change needs to happen now and having a full perspective of the day is paramount to make it happen … but #YOURTIME is much more than that!

#YOURTIME is a celebration of the Entrepreneurial Spirit and the video by Scott Hurtado (below the video transcript) can explain better than words what we mean for that.

you choose #yourtime don’t inherit


“Every once in a while we read a book, watch a video, or listen to a song that changes us -- inspiring our minds, clarifying our goals, and challenging our thinking.

 Sometimes we just come across that right moment that gives us the courage to start changing our lives and to stop working for others, the reality check that we need to know that we’re not alone in our fears or ambitions.

 Impossible is nothing.

 Impossible is just a word that we use when we give up entirely.

 When we give up and no longer try is when something becomes impossible. The only real failure in life comes from us no longer trying.

 When we no longer get back up after having failure is when we truly fail and this is when impossible becomes a reality for us.

 Doing the things we actually love doing is a road that’s less traveled. We’re taught to go to school, get married, work for others, and retire.

 There’s no talk of how to think differently, think unconventionally, or from a new perspective on life to become truly successful and to actually love the things we do.

 We forget the importance of waking up each morning and focusing solely on maximizing our lives for that particular day -- not tomorrow, next week or next month, but today.

 Every single day we are all faced with countless obligations and distractions that push us farther from our goals and dreams in life.

 It’s our job to minimize the things standing in your way preventing us from becoming the best version of ourselves and being phenomenal in the game of life by focusing on our goals today.

The hard part in life is not the actual doing of something, it’s not the hard work that makes life difficult.

The difficult part in life is knowing what we want to do entirely.

The question we must ask ourselves is, what do we want to do with our lives? What do we want to wake up to each new day?

Life is busy I understand this all to well – we’re almost running from one place to another, we’re consumed by our electronic devices, social media accounts, tvs, and all for what?

What happen to the times of just stopping to take in the tranquility of the ocean, the beauty of just breathing the air and the feeling of true freedom where no-one is consumed by things that only drain our lives of energy.

Most of us don’t set an alarm just to wake up and see the sunrise and make it a priority to just experience life.

What most of us do is we miss life entirely as it passes us by unknowingly.

When it does come our time we wonder what did we do with the daylight of the days we had.

We continue to work for others and try to get it all done – but seem to have little to show for it in the end.

The funny thing is that most of our time is spent doing the things we don’t really care for and at the end of our lives is when we try to change it, but it’s to late.

Your friends, job, money, and every experience you’ve ever come to have will come and go with time, leaving only memories – if we’re are lucky enough to remember them at all that is.

Everything you once knew in your life… the good, the bad, the remembered, the forgotten, the happy, the sad, the ordinary, the extraordinary; makes you and only you.

Cry, laugh, scream, love; do whatever you have to live life the way you want to live life because there’s no one stopping you, but yourself.

 Fulfill your dreams and go out and make things happen for yourself.

Make the most of the time you have on this earth because you can never have it back no matter how hard you try.

Be positive, helpful and understanding to others.

Share peace and happiness with the world.

Give love and gratitude. Give yourself. For those are the things that live on throughout time itself.

Live, dream, make it come true because that’s where true success and happiness comes from.

Anything less is not living at all, it’s merely existing. Existing is just going through the motions, without thought or emotion.

Time is all we have on this earth so why not live it by doing the things you actually love doing.

Live without regrets.


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