Todd & Marlon are the names of the two gentlemen who initiated this boutique watchmaking company. They are two inseparable brothers with passion for beauty, elegance and luxury. Their style transcends time, they are young and trendy, but they do also appreciate tradition and classical elegance. They ultimately love to bridge the sophistication of the past with the contemporary Daring Elegance

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Todd & Marlon brand logo is a visual translation of their unique concept and style. The font chosen is very classical and sophisticated, and the elegant typeface used for the ampersand represents also the complexity of craftsmanship and the intricacy of the movement of a watch. The modern and stylized shield, a well-recognized symbol of strength, honor and authority, represents the initials of Todd & Marlon. The shield, in fact, is a modern take on the combined letters "T" and "M" (see typeface design evolution). Hence, the shield with the ampersand by itself represents the entirety of the brand and as such it is sometimes used as stand alone element.

T&M watches brand logo shield

Todd & Marlon could have chosen a simpler logo, instead the complexity of the design has been pursued on purpose. In fact, it is used as a standard of quality. It is not easy to manufacture, print, produce this logo across the many substrates and materials present in a watch – especially the ampersand. Hence, the quality of the logo is used as a criteria for positive release of the watches. Only if the logo is properly represented the product can get out of the productions lines to reach the hands of our loyal customers.

Each watch has the logo represented in four to five different places. The logo is in the dial, in the back case, on the crown, on the buckle and in the automatic models also on the rotor in the movement. Depending of the specific placement, the logo is double printed, engraved or embossed. Every single type of execution perfectly reproduces the brand logo, because excellence is Todd & Marlon rule.

watch logo on bracelet buckle
geneva stripes and watch logo

The same level of attention to details is placed on every element of the watch. The bracelet, for instance, is custom made and quite unique. The links of the bracelet are shaped like the shield of the brand logo, hence uniquely related to the brand, though due to technical constraints and to improve wear-ability and comfort the shields have been slightly enlarged.

The links have almost all connections hidden except for few needed for resizing. Those last connection are executed through the use of safety high quality screws, instead of the usual pins. Finally, the black bracelets are DLC treated in order to improve the resistance to scratches, a technique not commonly used even by the most luxurious brands (e.g. Rolex tends to use PVD).

We could keep going through all the watch details, but prefer to leave you exploring all our models: 24 hour watches, traditional automatic watches, Dean Martin Exclusive Edition watch.

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