No matter what they say, there are certain things that is better doing with a 24 hour watch and others that people can do ONLY with a 24 hour wristwatch. We might not need to do any of them or we might take advantage of some. The point is that a 24 hour watch offers something different (sometimes better) than a traditional one.


Key advantages of a 24 hour watch are:

1.    Avoid time confusion
2.    Help easily orientate
3.    Better day planning
4.    Higher reliability for time synchronization
5.    Emphasize your uniqueness

There is also a sixth advantage, but we leave it for the end of the post!


1.    Avoid Time Confusion

This is the most obvious advantage, probably after the fact that you can read the time. There are several situations in which the use of a traditional 12 hour watch might lead to confusion and even to major mistakes. 

Every time the difference between day and night is not clear a 24 hour watch is instrumental. Consider when it is not possible to have access to the natural light such as in the case of miners/underground workers or people that are in the Polar Regions, or when one needs to travel or organize activities across multiple time zones (e.g. pilots and astronauts). 

Avoiding time confusion might be important also for some peculiar professions such as army personnel, surgeons or police officers. Imagine confusing 10am with 10pm in a military operation… and for this reason many of the above professions leverage the 24 hour system UTC that stands for Coordinated Universal Time.

2.    Easily Orientate

A 24 hour watch can be used as an immediate compass very easily. In fact, in any 24 hour watch, it sufficient to orientate the watch in such a way that the hour hand points toward the sun and the North position will be indicated by the midnight mark. This is very useful for explorers or in general when one is in places where it is not easy to find orientation (e.g. deserts).

3.    Better Plan the Day

The best way to plan the day is to have it at a glance and this is what 24 hour watches are meant for. With those watches you can immediately get an idea of your day and look at it from a different perspective. This is one of the reasons, for example, why sailors tend to use those watches – since December 2014 the day of most people in the Navy is divided into three shifts of eight hours (work, maintenance / entertainment, sleep) and 24 hour watches help in planning and keeping track of the shifts. 

By the way, those watches help you understand how your time is currently used vs how it should actually be used – for more details about this concept you can refer to our time analyzer discussed in the article “#1 secret to live life to the fullest”.

4.    Synchronize Time with higher reliability

The 24 hour system has been deemed the most reliable to use when there is a need for synchronization especially across different geographical regions. This has been the case, for example, during the railway expansion toward the end of XIX century. 

5.    Emphasize Your Uniqueness

A U.S. study revealed that 30% of the population sees the watch as a fashion accessory or piece of jewelry. As such, the wrist watch is another element of differentiation used by people who want to stand out from the crowd and manifest their individuality. Obviously, there are myriads of different kind of unusual and unique watches that could address this objective, but the 24-hour watches are among the most different. In fact, only few people dare to change from a 12-hour system to a 24-hour system hence the reason why those watches are very exclusive.
There is also another minor thing that can be easily done with the 24 hour watches. The gap between each hour mark represents the equivalent of 2.5 mins. This means that you can get at a snapshot those time intervals without having to count the small tick marks in the dials to read the minutes. And finally, worth mentioning that some people (and companies) claim you change your entire perspective on time and life via using those watches. Is it true? Maybe, but you’ll know only via experiencing in first person. 

Now that you are familiar with the key advantages you might want to discover more about the peculiar 24 hour watches or you might even try one of them… but watch out you might fall in love too. 


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