The natural day/night division of a day is the reason why each day is split into two 12 hours cycles. The Egyptian used to have a 12 hour sundial for the day and 12 hour water clock for night time. 

Since then many different types of watches have been developed: some with 2 x 12 hour dial (i.e. double-XII system) others with 24 hour dial. However, the dial that became the norm has only 12 hour marks and its cycle is repeated twice during the day.

We believe that a watch should reflect the natural day/night division hence shows a 2 x 12 hour dial. #YOURTIME
 is a 24 hour watch - this means that the hour hand complete a full rotation every 24 hours. The dial shows the anti-meridian (am) hours on the left hand side and the post-meridian (pm) hours on the right hand side. The zenith for the sun is reached at 12:00 and is at the top of the dial.

Having the entire day at a glance also helps better planning and organizing events – perfect for a busy person or someone who wants to live life to the fullest!


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