What do you do with 24 hours every single day? We all have the same time in a day and what makes the difference between us is the way we spend those 24 hours. As simple as that! Many of us don’t realize what can be achieved in 24 hours and always stressed by time and complain about not having enough. So, let’s start from reframing time to understand what could be achieved in a day.

What can be done in 24 Hours:

  1. We could walk 120 km which is the equivalent of almost three marathons or the Route of Santiago de Compostela (St. James's Trail). Not that we would do that every single day but have you ever walked long distances? Do you know how long you can personally walk and what can you achieve?

  2. In 24 hours, we could read about 1’200 pages which would allow us to read an entire classic like “Gone with the wind” or “War and Peace”. Educational indeed but does not necessarily needs to be – you can also read an entire collection of comic books.

  3. We could listen to music and in particular we could appreciate about 400-500 songs. Have you ever listen to “the 500 greatest songs of all time” by RollingStone.com? This might be the right time!

  4. If you’re felling to play then you could have between 6 and 24 rounds of Monopoly with your friends. Prefer a different game? Then go ahead with it. We advise group games so that you can socialize too.

  5. We could also travel and do about half of the world by plane. The record for the tour of the world by scheduled flight is 44 hours hence not enough for your 24-hour timeframe.

  6. Cleaning up is a possibility and we could clean about 50 (hotel) rooms. To clean your apartment, it might take longer so maybe only a couple of times based on average size.

  7. We could also do some “do-it-yourself” work. Need to assemble an Ikea bed? You could actually assemble 16 of their most complicated beds.

  8. Why not writing a note to your friends? Nowadays, writing letters is not anymore cool but you could write about 70 pages hence make 70 friends happy… or you could write a small booklet and publish it online.

  9. Not in the mood of writing then we can watch a movie. To be precise we could watch 16 movies or a TV series (e.g. 24 episodes of House of Cards).

  10. Finally, if you like cars we could try to run the 24-hours of Le Mans. Maybe not exactly Le Mans but we could still drive 24 hours to visit a new place! We could drive about 2’800 km (at average speed of 120km/h) so where could you possibly get?

You don’t need to do any of the above during your day, but the list should give an idea of how long 24 hours are and the many things that could be accomplished. So what did you accomplish yesterday? And the day before? Not every single day can be productive but if you have a life objective or vision (and you should) then you need to act every single day in order to achieve it. Hence, write on a piece of paper (better on a wall) your objective and every day plan for the day after. The world keeps turning around and is not waiting for us.

This is a habit change and might require quite some effort. However, don’t treat it like the New Year good resolutions. Don’t start and then forget in a couple of days. How to do that? We do use 24-hour watches! A 24-hour watch has a dial with 24 hours on it and the hand that indicate the hours make a full turn in a day. Quite different from the tradition 12 hours watches in which the hand needs to make a full circle twice in a day. The 24-hour watch keeps reminding you of the length of the entire day and the many things you might want or need to achieve before the next one.

Now it is up to you to decide the possibility for your next 24-hours! and just in case you're interested on moving to a 24-hour watch here below you can find the ones by Todd & Marlon!



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