24 Hour Watch Movements (unbelievable)

During the last few years we have seen quite some excitement and interest around the 24 hour watches. New brands successfully entered the market (e.g. Slow Watches) and other more established brands (e.g. Botta Design) have benefited from the trend. The offer dramatically increased both in terms of design, features and also price range. However, despite this dynamic, the offer in terms of movements for 24 hour watches did not dramatically change, and all the most common brands use the same movements.

We did look into the offer made by the most sold 24 hour watch brands and models (Slow Watches, Raketa, Glycine, No Watch, Botta Design, Fortis, Messerschmitt, Akerfalk…) and what we discovered is quite surprising!

The bulk of the 24 hour watches sold in the market are based on a Quartz movement and the lead manufacturer is Ronda. The two specific models used are the 515.24H and the 505.24H – this last being less common. In our sample about 75% of brands and models were using the Ronda movement. Only the remaining 25% of brands use an automatic movement, such as the ETA 2893-2 (Fortis), the 2614H (Raketa) or a Sellita based movement (GL 293 by Glycine). 

24 hour watches movement

The low penetration of automatic movements in this category of watches, judgmentally is driven by the psychological price threshold. In fact, the bulk of the sales of 24 hour watches seems to be on the lower end of the price range hence the reason for the adoption of quartz movements. Even the most successful brands such as Slow Watches tried to introduce an automatic version (based on  ETA 2893) and did not succeed. In other words, customers lead the choice and in this case their willingness not to spend too much for a 24 hour watch ultimately lead to the choice for quartz movements. 

There are other movements that can be used to build a 24 hour watch. Some can be used straight away, others might need to be slightly modified. The above are only the movements used in the most common 24 hour watches.

Summarizing, the main differentiator for the 24 hour watches is definitely not the movement but rather the design and the other features. We did look alto into those differences and built a quiz that can help you identifying the model that best suits your desires and needs. You will probably not find the perfect match hence the quiz will advise the three models that get closer to your ideal 24 hour watch.


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